You too can recover from feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted from work related stress. Read my story of how I recovered naturally

I think I’m a lot like you.

As a professional nurse, I’m a real people person and you genuinely matter to me. Over the years I have been privileged to enjoy strong professional relationships gained through mutual trust and respect.
So, you can imagine my horror when I developed full blown anxiety as a result of working with someone I simply couldn’t connect with.
When a new nurse joined our team, I was so grateful to have a professional companion. I was enthusiastic and dedicated to help and support her learning as much as possible, so that she could flourish in her new role. I had hoped that we would make a great nursing team.


We were complete polar opposites. We differed in our priorities and we had completely different nursing styles.  As her senior I was responsible for her learning, but my efforts never seemed to be enough. Even so, I gave my heart and soul to support her development, but I really struggled to understand her thinking and behaviour. I felt I was constantly fighting against a gravitational pull towards a negativity mindset.

It was exhausting and keeping my energy up was a real challenge. The situation was engulfing me and I found myself questioning my nursing practice. I lost confidence in my own ability to lead and mentor, and started to feel anxious around her.

I began to dread any contact with her, if I heard her footsteps or saw an email from her, instantly I felt anxious.
Then, one day I found myself hiding in the toilet at work to avoid her, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t think straight, let alone make decisions. I was experiencing full blown anxiety and the lack of control scared me.

It was time to STOP!

Something had to change. I was so frustrated and disappointed in myself. I simply wasn’t good enough!
Self-doubt eroded my confidence, I had gone from being a confident, competent senior nurse to an anxious mess trying to hold it together.
My sparkle was gone and I was exhausted!

I needed help!

Luckily I receive excellent support from occupational health and my management team, but it didn’t stop my anxiety reaction. Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was helpful, but still it didn’t stop my anxiety reaction.

I needed a different approach and reluctantly, I took time off work.

I didn’t want medication

I knew that natural healing was the right way forward for me and I was delighted that my doctor supported my decision. However other than online support, sadly he had nothing more to offer me.
So, I contacted a natural healing practitioner whom I knew and trusted.
Together we explored what was really happening deep within me. I was responding from a state of fear. Fear that I wasn’t good enough; fear that I would make a mistake; fear of letting others down. Together we identified and released these fears and I found myself moving from a state of fear to one of love and acceptance. My confidence was growing and my sparkle was returning,
5 weeks later I returned to work. I was so nervous to go back and face my colleagues again, but to my relief I stayed composed and calm, and my anxiety didn’t kick in, nor ever again and we were able to build a healthy working relationship.

Following my passion

I have always believed that the body has amazing healing abilities, given the right condition to do so. So much so that while working as a nurse I have been training and working as an energy medicine practitioner part time for years.
Although I really loved my nursing job, my true passion has always been natural healing. Having increased my confidence and self-belief I resigned from my traditional nursing job, to embrace a new career as Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine; specialising in supporting professional women feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted with work related stress; step into their power with increased resilience, confidence and self-belief. Truly making a difference to hundreds of women!