Worrier or Warrior Queen

Absolutely Wabbit and I know exactly why.

Yesterday was a big day. We were moving my daughter Nicola’s horse (Penny) to a new yard and we were feeling tense with emotions on leaving a yard we have called home for the past 9 years. All was going smoothly until I tried to move the trailer. Yip, for anyone who knows about trailers, the brakes had seized on after sitting ideal for months during lockdown. …. thankfully Houston (hubby) put on his superhero cape and came to his damsels’ distress and got us moving (ok not quite as romantic as that sounds, there was a little cursing and blinding going on, in the pouring rain).

The experience threw me into a state of anxiety not obvious from the outside but inside I was churning. My brain just switches off and stops working properly. I really thought I had gotten to grips with this anxiety…. but it just takes an unexpected challenge and off it goes again. I get so raging with myself when it takes over like this. I’m pleased to say that after holding Emotion Stress Release acupressure points, I managed to pull myself back to base and safely drove the trailer to our new yard. OK I may have lost the plot again when we arrived trying to park up the trailer, but I MADE IT! Gosh I was so relieved to unhitch.

The AFTERMATH of feeling anxious! So how do I now get myself back to feeling normal again? Yes, the anxiety has gone but I’m left feeling absolutely wabbit and fit for nothing today.

I would like to share you what I did to get myself back to feeling like me again.

  1. Today is a day to be very kind and gentle with myself…in fact all days should really be like this.
  2. Just for today I’m going to allow myself to eat what my body craves (unfortunately that is sugary foods), but that will sort itself out when I release my stress
  3. Gentle exercise. I followed a 15 min Qigong daily routine to gently move my body and get my energy flow back into harmony and balance. (you can find the link at the end)
  4. Focused on my breath. I did some meditation and set good intentions for my day.
  5. A brisk walk to burn off those surplus lingering stress hormones that came out in force yesterday. Walking in nature is a true bonus, making time to stop and smell the roses.

Phew feeling a bit more like myself now.

But I want more, because deep down I really am a warrior queen. So where is she hiding? I want to stop this reactive response when I’m faced with an unexpected problem. Next time I want my Warrior Queen to be in charge.

Next blog I would like to introduce you to my Warrior Queen.

Qigong Daily Routine: click link below

Love and peace to you all

Shelagh Cumming

Helping women quieten the worry troopers and awaken the warrior queen