Here are some Testimonials from my lovely clients 


“I couldn’t believe the difference one session with Shelagh made to my anxiety and stress levels. I am a self-confessed cynic but can honestly say that I believe health kinesiology helped me when I was at my lowest. Would highly recommend anyone experiencing stress to give this a try”

Heather Wilson

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all your hard work… it really gave me strength today….so grateful…xx

Roz McG, Ayrshire

Changed my Life!

I was introduced to Shelagh through a work colleague at a difficult time of my life.

Shelagh and Health Kinesiology has changed me and my life. I also attended one of her groups and still you the tapping. I cannot thank this lovely lady enough.

Ann A, Ayrshire

An amazing experience!!!

A very relaxing and unique way of tuning into my body and mind’s needs. Totally different from anything I have tried before! Healthy and positive impact on my hectic lifestyle. I love it!

Dawn M, Ayrshire

Highly effective!

I have really enjoyed my Kinesiology sessions with Shelagh. I found it to be very gentle yet highly effective. Whenever I feel run down or anxious Shelagh is my first port of call. I would highly recommend her.

Liz, Ayrshire

Asolutely Amazing!

Could not rate Kinesiology treatment with Shelagh highly enough. Just 2 session and I no longer suffer from a lifetime phobia.

Allison S, Ayrshire

I cannot recommend highly enough!!

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel and just tend to plod along without giving it any thought. I was one of those people! I decided to go and see Shelagh after much debate with myself and a bit of researching first (I wasn’t convinced it would help). How wrong can one be! Shelagh done her thing, and I left feeling absolutely exhausted, not a horrible exhaustion, more of a relaxed comatose type of feeling (difficult to explain). After only one session I was immediately aware of what my body was trying to tell me (pretty amazing). I was amazed how she could tell me things about my health and well-being by tapping my muscles. I cannot recommend highly enough. I love how HK has helped me. Thank you Shelagh

Helen R, Ayrshire

Many thanks !

Up to a few months ago, I had never heard of KINESIOLOGY,but I would recommend it as being the most beneficial therapy, I have experienced. The total philosophy is still a bit of a mystery to me, but I certainly vouch it has changed how I cope with all the pressures of life. Many thanks Shelagh Cumming.

Dorothy I, Ayrshire

Great wee bunch of ladies!

Loving the new EFT Tapping group enjoying learning how our thoughts affect our everyday feelings. Great wee bunch of ladies

Anne A, Ayrshire

So relaxing!

I have had three sessions with Shelagh now and would honestly say I am much less stressed than when I first visited, it’s so relaxing & has helped me greatly with my menopausal symptoms.

Shelagh is very professional and I would recommend Kinesiology to anyone, things that really bothered me before no longer seem such an issue

Pam R, Ayrshire

Effective ways to manage your stress

The first Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) group, offered by Shelagh, has just finished. Simple but effective ways to manage your stress and break ‘bad’ habits of a lifetime. Recommend everyone signs up for the next course!

Fiona M, Ayrshire


One of THE most profound and amazing experiences I have ever experienced. Recommend Shelagh 110%

Fiona M, Ayrshire

You gotta go!!!!

Can not praise or recommend Shelagh highly enough. I have been for a few sessions now and am so happy with the results! You gotta go!!!!

Carol-Ann D, Ayrshire

Very comforting!

What would I have been like without the ministrations of Shelagh and Kinesiology? A right mess! That’s what! She has pulled me through some hard down times and always knows just what I need. I have been seeing Shelagh for over 4 Years. I can go months without seeing her but know when I need to visit. It is very comforting to know that there is an alternative to prescription drugs. Dalry is very lucky to have Shelagh to turn to when you feel you are up against a wall. Thank you Shelagh for being there for us.

Gilda S, Ayrshire

Very impressed!!

A friend recommended Health Kinesiology as an alternative therapy to me. She suggested making an appointment with Shelagh to see if it was the right thing for me. I’d done my own research on HK and decided to give it a try. I was very impressed by Shelagh: her genuine commitment, ability and professionalism shines through. I’ve been seeing Shelagh on a regular basis for over two years now and can highly recommend her services. I feel I have benefited emotionally, psychologically and spiritually from my HK sessions and would encourage others to try this truly amazing complementary therapy.

Hilary Finch, Ayrshire

I cannot believe the change!

I cannot believe the change! Thank you so much, your work really improves my life greatly.

Robyn. W, South Ayrhsire

I feel so much better!

Hi Shelagh, just to let you know that exactly 2 weeks after my last session with you, I picked up my knitting needles and have hardly put them down! I have found even lifting the needles and knitting one row to be too much in the past 2 years. I’m not so worried about current affairs either. Altogether I feel so much better, thanks.

G.S Ayrshire

Teenage anxiety

Thank you for your treatment it is helping my daughter tremendously!

Lorna B, North Ayrshire

Struggling to deal with multiple traumas, one after the other

So, what’s kinesiology? I asked the course organiser of a Parkinson’s workshop I attended in London last year. He suggested the approach, recognising how I was struggling to deal with the multiple traumas I’d experienced one after the other.

In the course of the previous year I had lost my Dad. Been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and my husband had conducted a really sordid affair and left his family of 18 years, just when we really needed him. I’d been coping with an insidious form of control and manipulation, for years, but refused to admit I’d allowed that to happen. I was at an all time low, and recovery was very slow. I had to give up my high-profile career due to ill health. It felt like I was grieving for losses time and time again. I seemed to have descended into a victim type mode…. not a good look. I felt so self-indulgent. I just couldn’t get my erratic thoughts and sometimes irrational actions under control. As Karl explained the potential healing effects of kinesiology, and how he thought it might work for me, some thoughts of interest and intrigue stirred.

So, after much googling, I came across Shelagh in Dalry, a nearby village.

I tentatively arrived for my first appointment and immediately felt a massive sense of relief. I’d done the right thing, Shelagh is warm, caring and professional. She opened her door to me and her very different techniques. In turn, I felt totally enabled to open up my heart. I immediately felt a mutual sense of trust in sharing my most sensitive information. My body would direct my mind’s healing with Shelagh’s guidance. I began to accept that some things will never be ok. Some things can never be forgiven but you can still let go without that acceptance or forgiveness. The sense of injustice that had raged within me, dissipated giving way to a more productive and accepting energy. I took lots of self-empowerment actions too such as my yoga and diet but I know that it was the kinesiology that gave me the confidence to face my new life with genuine positivity.

My case was very complicated, but Shelagh somehow helped me disentwine the threads seeing a very clear pathway to a bright and hopeful future.
I really can’t recommend her enough.

Try it out ,something very special awaits…… Mrs Shelagh Cumming.

Angela McH, Ayrshire

I now have a sense of purpose, feel relaxed and motivated to reach my goals

I have had 4 sessions with Shelagh now and I really feel as if I’m starting to reap the benefits.
I went along to one of her talks back in January to find out what Kinesiology was all about and I was intrigued. I’ve tried lots of different things over the years to help address my ‘issues’ and I felt that I should give this a go.
From the first time I entered the treatment room, Shelagh made me feel relaxed and comfortable. What she does is so difficult to explain, but you leave each time with a sense of purpose, relaxed and motivated to reach your goals.
I’m not sure where my journey is going to take me, but I’m glad I have Shelagh by my side, helping me along the way. X

Jenny R. Ayrshire

Supporting you when you are at ‘a very low point both physically and mentally’

Totally amazing. Shelagh came into my life when I was at a very low point both physically and mentally. She made all the difference!!

Diane M-J, North Ayrshire

Truly Amazing and Empowering!

I first met Shelagh giving an introduction to Health Kinesiology at a health fayre. I had never heard of it and was intrigued. She was obviously knowledgeable and passionate about it. I liked the fact that she was also a nurse from a conventional medical background. She has a warm personality that draws you to her. I decided to give it a try probably, initially, for curiosity. I am open-minded but also not gullible. I did not feed Shelagh information or guide her in any way. In my case, I did not ask for treatment for anything in particular but let my body decide what it needed most. It was a unique experience unlike any I had previously undertaken. Where my treatment led was very accurate on a deeply subconscious level. Shelagh knew nothing and only asked at the end if it made sense to me, which it did. My curiosity was satisfied and any scepticism dispelled. I have been seeing her ever since for whatever it is I want or need. The parallels between what is going on in my life at the time and what comes up in a session without any prior discussion is truly amazing and empowering. I would highly recommend Shelagh to anyone with any physical or emotional issues for complementary treatment. Even those without any known issues would enjoy the experience as the treatment is very calming and relaxing.

Pauline Reid, North Ayrhsire

Professional work related stress and anxiety.

I highly recommend Shelagh for a Kinesiology session. I always come away from my visits feeling relaxed, confident and happy. Shelagh is very professional, caring and highly skilled. Well worth it!

Liz G, North Ayrshire

No more aggressive nightmares for my 6 year old

“When I sought help from Shelagh for my 6 year old daughter, she was suffering from aggressive nightmares.
I had my doubts that it would work because Shelagh suggested that we work on my daughter via my body, I had never imagined that this was possible, but I decided to work with Shelagh because I trusted her, having had several successful treatments myself.
I’m so glad I did because that very night she didn’t have one of those aggressive nightmares and hasn’t since. She is so settled in her sleep now. It’s amazing!”

Sara Dixon

Teenage anxiety

Shelagh is a lovely genuine and caring person. She has and currently still is helping my son with anxiety and the change in him over a relatively short space of time is remarkable.
I cannot recommend her enough and I am truly thankful for all she has done.

Fiona S, Ayrshire

Online sessions are even better than face to face

“I find the online sessions even better than the face to face, though I miss Shelagh’s hug at the end. I wouldn’t get that on a face to face now either. Wonder if we will ever get hugs back?  Julie Avery 2020

Julie Avery