How can kinesiology work online?

Returning to see you in person

Following yesterday’s announcement, in person consultations will return towards the end of April 2021. If you have been waiting, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, I will be in touch with you personally to reschedule if you have an appointment booked for March.

Kinesiology Online? How can that be possible?
Online kinesiology works as well as being seen in person, but it is definitely a hard one to get your head around. Someone asked me last week “how can you work online?”  What a great question and one I’m sure many of you would like to know the answer to. So let me show you how it is possible. I have created a series of 3 short videos which will explain and demonstrate how kinesiology can work online. A huge thank you to Julie Avery who joins me on the video calls.

1. click here for: How can kinesiology work online
2. click here for: How does muscle response testing work online?
3. click here for: How to clear our limiting beliefs

If you would like a taster to find out how I can help you, you are welcome to book a free 20min taster session; available to anyone new to kinesiology online. Your appointment can be booked by responding to this email; via Facebook messenger; by text to 07867 682231 or by email
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With kind regards

Shelagh Cumming
Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine