Natural Bioenergetics (Health Kinesiology)

Natural Bioenergetics (Health Kinesiology), just like Traditional Chinese Medicine, relies on the understanding that our well-being is dependent on the balanced flow of energy around our systems. Energy instructs the physical body about what it needs to function on an optimal level.

The Health Kinesiologist can offer your system a wide range of powerful procedures designed to re-balance your energy and initiate your body’s own self-healing capability, so that you can function at your best again.

A variety of balancing methods are used, which may include the use of magnets, flower essences, aromatherapy oils, self-touch, body positions, thoughts or memories that mirror the traumas at the heart of your mental, emotional and physical stresses. 

Once the balancing procedure is set up, acupressure points are lightly touched to allow your body to regain balance around the highlighted stress and move back to a healthier state.


Health Kinesiology is unique in that the practitioner can communicate with your internal body wisdom and knowledge by monitoring muscle response to verbal questioning. By asking closed questions that require a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, your body can communicate clearly what it needs. This muscle response technique is used throughout, giving you a totally bespoke treatment session. As well as identifying energy blockages and how best to release those blockage, you can also identify what actions you need to take to be a healthier version of you. This may include dietary or supplement advice; exercise or sleep/relaxation regime;  and how best to implement it into your current lifestyle.

This unique approach will really get to the core root of any problem, supporting your body the best way it can, and leave you feeling more confident, increase your mental focus and improve relationships at home or at work.

Health Kinesiology can address a wide variety of issues arising and has benefits such as:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Prevention of illness
  • Free you from negative thinking or behaviour patterns
  • Help you overcome fears and worries
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Improve relationships at home or at work

Each healing journey is unique and the number of sessions required varies, but generally the desired results are best achieved within 3-4 sessions.

Natural Bioenergetics (Health Kinesiology) is difficult to understand, Shelagh therefore offers a 20 minute free consultation to experience it for yourself.

Available in 1-1 sessions which last 50-60 mins

Shelagh offers a highly professional service, with full insurance and PVG (protecting vulnerable groups)certificated. Registered nurse with NMC and KFRP registered with the Kinesiology Federation. Member of HKI (Health Kinesiology Initiative)

Your Investment

Free 20 min trial

£60 per 50 min session   

£220 for a block booking of four 50 min sessions (to be used within a 6 month period)