Has Worry Silenced Your Warrior Queen?


Worry can be seen and felt as such a weakness, but the fact is we all experience worry. Who doesn’t worry if their loved one is sick? Or before an exam, or an interview? Yes, of course you do. You see, worry is built into every single one of us and is a perfectly normal response to fearful situations.

So how can some people overcome worry easily and others are plagued with their worry day and night, to the point of making themselves both physically and emotionally unwell?


The Warrior experiences challenges like anyone else, but it’s how she reacts to her challenges that makes her a Warrior. She is fearless of possible outcomes of any situation. She trusts that she has the emotional strength, and has self confidence in her own ability.  She knows she’s not alone and has her army at her back.

The Worrier on the other hand when faced with a challenge, feels alone and fears that she can’t cope with the possible outcome of the situation she faces.  She doubts her own ability and her underlying fear(s) destroys her confidence in making choices.

For most of us fluctuate between the two. Depending on the situation sometimes you can brush it off and other times you can lose sleep over it.


Because I’ve been there. Usually with stressful situations my Warrior Queen rules, but when a challenging work relationship led to destruction of my confidence, I feared that I was letting others down and I feared I that I wasn’t good enough. The Warrior Queen backed down and let fears consume me until I became physically and emotional exhausted.

However much I tried to control the situation in attempts to make things better, the situations seemed to get worse. I looked to others to step in and get it sorted; but needless to say, this approach didn’t work.



I needed help! After visiting a professional Reiki practitioner, I very quickly got on a different path. Once I stated to change how I responded to my work colleague, and stop giving away my power, my healing journey started.

You see the problem is rarely the problem. It was never about my work colleague it was always about me, and my response to her behaviours.

So, if there is something that is causing you to toss and turn at night, I would suggest you explore what is really at the root of your worry.



Try this. Find a quiet place, and slow down by paying attention to your breath. Allow your body and mind to quieten for a few minutes then ask yourself.

What am I afraid of right now? Tune in and be patient, it may take a little while, just keep practicing until the answer reveals itself to you.

Once you have your answer there are many techniques to help process your fear. Sometimes simply having the awareness of what scares you is enough for you to turn it around.

Once you start looking for the answers internally instead of externally, your journey of recovery will start.

Personally, it was Reiki and Health Kinesiology that predominantly helped me. Professionally, I have helped many women recover from excessive worry, overwhelm and exhaustion and I can help you too!

Know that there is always a way to let your Warrior Queen reveal herself!

With love and peace

Shelagh Cumming

Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine

Professional help, for women experiencing midlife overwhelm and exhaustion, to reconnect with their warrior queen.