Finding Calm Within the Storm of Coronavirus







The current climate with Covid-19 threatening our economy and our shear existence, of course creates worry and fear for you, but I would encourage you to see this time as an opportunity. Opportunity to reflect and create space for personal growth. Discover your personal power and increase your resilience, confidence and self-belief. To do this you require to shift your mind set. Create a mindset that responds with calm and love rather than reacting from fear. The first point of change comes when you recognise where your mind set is. How are you reacting to current situations? How does it make you feel? Tense? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

So how do you find calm within the storm?
Let me share with you my top 4 tips, which helps keep me both physically and mentally healthy within the current lockdown.
You too can build your resilience and strength, while faced with an uncertain future. There is no better time like now to focus your attention on self-care. Here are my 4 top tips you can get started with straight away.

1. Breath Sounds really obvious I know, but what happens when you feel tense, you either hold your breath or shallow breathe. This in turn creates tension in your muscles, resulting in possible headache or muscle pain, commonly in the lower back. Deep breathing releases mood enhanceing chemicals within your body, which can elevate your mood, release tension and toxins, reducing pain and creates a feeling of relaxation within the body.

STOP right now and try this breathing exercise for 2 mins.


• Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly

• Imagine you are taking a deep breath in through your belly button for the count of 4 and feel your belly rise, then breath out gently pulling your belly towards your back for the count of 4-6.

• Repeat for at least 2 mins

• Feel the stress leave your body while your mind becomes calm.
This exercise can also be very helpful if you struggling to get over to sleep.


2. EXERCISE Do make the most of your freedom to exercise outside once daily. Not only is it keeping your heart and lungs active, but connecting with nature has huge emotional benefits.

However don’t worry if you can’t get outside, you can still stay active within the home. There are many online exercise programmes available to guide you.
Exercise has multiple benefits; I would like to highlight 2 of which I feel are particularly important right now:
• By keeping your muscles active you are moving lymph through your body (lymph carries away the stuff that your body no longer needs) clearing away toxins and dead cells, which is essential to keep your immune system healthy.
• The positive effect exercise has on your mood and energy levels

3. NEWS  Yes of course it is important to keep up to date with what is happening around us. However, too much exposure to distress and worrying statistics do have a negative effect on your mental health. So look after you mental health by keeping to once a day for watching the news.

The same goes for social media, be aware of the impact that negative posts have on you and connect with people that uplift you.

 4.CONNECTING WITH NATURE Releases happy hormones. So, when you are out, or simply open a window or door and listen and watch. Pay attention to what you hear and see. I have noticed with each day the buds are busting open and there are so many bees about. The bird song is music to my ears, all busy getting on with their day as normal. The sound of running water is also uplifting and oh my god the full moon this week was incredible.


So much is out with our control right now but these simple steps are very much within your control. I wish you all the very best of health.

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Love and peace to you all. xx

Shelagh Cumming
Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine
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