Exciting News – We Can Reopen!

I am so delighted to share with you that I am now able to reopen the Centre once again. I know many of you have been eagerly waiting this day, to be seen in person.

I will be reopening Enhanced Wellbeing, Centre of Natural Healing, at 7 Sharon Street, Dalry, on

There will be some changes put in place to comply with the government recommendations to keep you not only safe but also relaxed and comfortable while visiting the Centre of Natural Healing.

Following the success of distance sessions throughout lockdown I will continue to offer this option indefinitely. This is particularly good if you have health conditions in the high risk group and still wish to avoid unnecessary contact with people; or you simply live too far away.

Appointments can be arranged by phoning 07867682231 or email: Shelagh@enhanced-wellbeing.co.uk or via Facebook messenger by clicking the link below.


I look forward to welcoming new and returning clients to the Centre.

With best wishes

Shelagh Cumming
Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine
Helping professional women feeling stressed and anxious within work relationships; restore their confidence and strength of character; without relying on medication