This was me on holiday 4 years ago almost to the day. Would you agree I look really happy, enjoying my strawberry mojito in the sun?

The truth is only a few days earlier, I reached melting point in response to a stressful relationship at work. Never before have I experienced this intense level of anxiety. I had shifted from being a highly competent professional to an anxious mess. It didn’t happen over-night, in fact it probably took a couple of years to reach this crisis point. Day by day the stress I was under insidiously nibbled away at my confidence and built up my self-doubt. My efforts in trying to make this relationship work consumed my entire energy, until I had no more to give.


I was an absolute anxious mess and exhausted.


My body and mind were screaming!

STOP!!! Enough is Enough!

I suppose you could describe this as a BREAKDOWN. However, on hind sight, I would describe it as my BREAKTHROUGH.  Why? Because this was the day, I stopped looking to others to fix my problem. Looking outwardly for solutions wasn’t working, so it was now time to take a long hard look at myself and find the root cause of why I was reacting to my colleague in this way?


Being a natural health practitioner, I knew this was possible but it required more than treating the symptoms with medication. I was willing to put my effort in to my own healing but my judgement was clouded by my depth of despair.

This is why I reached out to a fellow natural health practitioner. Together we uncovered the reasons for my anxiety reaction. Together we defused the alarm bells; switching off that fight and flight response. 

After just 5 weeks I returned to work. I was so relieved that my body no longer went into meltdown in the presence of my colleague. What a relief that was!


I now had the foundations in place to build a better working relationship.

However, I soon realised that the energy required was more than I had in my reserve tank.

To prevent me going back down the slippery slope again, I had to evaluate where I was spending my energy.

For me this triggered a change of career direction. A massive decision but one I knew I had to take.

Now 4 years down the line I am healthier and happier than I have been in years.  

Don’t panic, it doesn’t need to be such a drastic change for you! But believe me, you too can overcome anxiety and please don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

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By Shelagh Cumming,

Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine Dec 2020

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