About Me

Hi, I'm Shelagh,

I’m so glad you are here.

For as long as I remember I have truly believed in the human body’s amazing ability to self-heal, given the right conditions to do so. To me it just makes sense to get to the root of a problem, treat that root cause and create that perfect environment for your body to work at its best.

Not that long ago I was going through a challenging time at work and was experiencing symptoms of anxiety. Having practiced natural therapies for years, I expected to be able to get myself out of the pickle, but I realised that I needed help as the problem was engulfing me 24/7. I tried help via an occupational health program, which certainly gave me practical skills to manage my state of anxiety, but it did not get to the root of what was going on and help me to truly recover. The answer came in the form of a natural healer who helped me uproot many underlying issues which has led me recover to full fitness again. Anxiety is not part of who I am.

Shelagh Cumming

Having found my path, it is now my mission to help women across the world restore their inner harmony and confidence without relying on medication.

My background is in nursing having registered in 1987 as a General Nurse. A short time later I qualified as a Midwife, and then returned to General Nursing to specialise in Practice Nursing in 1992 where I stayed for 25 years.  During my nursing career as well as completing my BSc in Health Studies, I privately funded myself to train in complementary therapies. First in Aromatherapy in 1989, then Health Kinesiology, qualifying in 2007 following 4 years part time study, followed by Usui Reiki, Jikiden Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. I continue to train at an advanced level of Health Kinesiology for continuous professional development.

My unique insight into both worlds of Western and Eastern medicine has given me the knowledge and tools I need to help women just like you to truly be themselves and reach their full potential, through positively embracing their challenges.

On a more personal level, I am happy with the simple things in life like stopping to smell a roadside rose and appreciate its beauty. I enjoy being in nature whither in the countryside or by the sea; breathing in the freshness and listening to the sounds of nature like a bird singing, or water flowing over a waterfall, or the waves on the beach.

I love to dance and attend classes for Tribal Bellydance, which keeps me fit, but more importantly you feel part of a very supportive community. Now that I am midlife, I have been making exercise a bigger priority for me, so that I am fit and healthy as I age. To my surprise I am enjoying regular gym workouts, have even joined a boot camp and started running a bit too.


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