7 Top Tips For a Good Nights Sleep


  1. CAFFEINE is a stimulant which is not ideal when you want to sleep. Replace caffeine drinks with non-caffeine alternatives in the evening. Swap black/green tea/coffee to herbal or fruit teas. Camomile is particularly good before bed, or Pukka night time tea. If you like sodas replace Coke/Pepsi/Irn Bru to 7 Up or Sprite. Dark chocolate (70% cocco) can be replaced my white or milk chocolate for those who love a Velvetiser hot choc at night. A milky drink before bed also contains melatonin – the sleep inducing hormone, plus milk also contains the sleep inducing amino acid tryptophan.
  2. T.V VIEWING: Pay attention to what you are watching on TV before bed. Anything that stirs distress, through witnessing violence or suffering, can affect your sleep, so keep it loving and nurturing.
  3. SCREEN GLARE: Avoid over stimulation of the mind 1 hour before bed. This includes the light from your computer or phone. Put it down and pick up a book or kindle (without background light).
  4. RELAXATION: a lovely warm bath for many is a relaxing way to wind down for the night, you could even add a drop or two of essential oil of lavender, or put a drop on your pillow to help you drift off. Lavender is wonderful for helping you sleep but will become ineffective if used every night, so using now and again is good. It is also a diuretic (makes you pee more) so not ideal if you have urinary frequency.
  5. YOGA can be another lovely way to end the day. You can find many free yoga classes on You Tube. I really enjoy Adriene’s classes, here is her 12 minute bed time yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiWDsfZ3zbo  Yoga Nidra is a very deep form of meditation yoga worth exploring.  Here is one I found on YouTube (1 hour long but there are shorter ones) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxZX14hlmmU   There are so many to choose from, so choose a style that connects with you.
  6. BREATH : The power of the breathe should never to be underestimated. By simply counting backwards on every breathe out can really switch the mind off and help you drift off to sleep. Here is a self hypnosis for sleep by Suzanne Robichaud who has a lovely calming voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maQ_olC64_o
  7. ENERGY WORK: if you think your sleep is disturbed due excess or long term stress I can help you further. I would recommend you book a session for Natural Bioenergetics (formally Health Kinesiology) or Reiki. If we haven’t met before I would start with a FREE 20 min Taster Session which can be online or in person (once
    Covid-19 restrictions lift). Contact details below.

Here’s wishing you a sound sleep.

Shelagh Cumming

Nurse Specialist in Energy Medicine