Are you feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed to the point being physically and emotionally unwell?

I hear you and I’ve been there myself. My mind was going 100 miles an hour around the clock trying to solve the supposedly insolvable problem and my body started to no longer function at its best. I became physically and mentally exhausted and felt an anxious mess. To say that I was disappointed in myself is an understatement, I simply crumbled under the constant stress I was under.

Are you ready to hear the good news? (since you’ve landed on this page my guess is yes)

I have healed myself and so can you. I now have the internal balance and strength I need to deal with any stress life throws at me. I now have the clarity of mind I need to make the right decision for me to move forward in my life and lead a healthy and fulfilled life.

How I Can Help You Heal

During my sessions I draw upon all the skills and tools I have acquired during my 33 years experience as a health professional and complementary therapist. Health Kinesiology is the most popular therapy with my clients. This is a very powerful natural healing therapy, creating long lasting positive changes. I strongly believe that you too are capable of achieving your optimal health and wellbeing given the right help to do so.

The answers to your perfect healing journey lie deep within your subconscious, your body’s inner wisdom. Absolutely everything is stored at this subconscious level, nothing has been forgotten. It knows every single bit of your life experience. The good, bad and the ugly. It knows how well every single cell in your body is working right now and if it is needing attention. It also knows how best to improve the body and mind functioning.

Together, we can access your body’s inner wisdom to find the root of what’s causing you to feel the way you do and create the perfect internal healing journey unique to you. So you, too, can regain your inner balance, strength and clarity to become the independent strong woman that you know deep down you are.


“I couldn’t believe the difference one session with Shelagh made to my anxiety and stress levels. I am a self-confessed cynic but can honestly say that I believe health kinesiology helped me when I was at my lowest. Would highly recommend anyone experiencing stress to give this a try”
Heather Wilson

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